There’s no question that social media sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all used when job searching and searching for candidates. Reviewing a candidate’s Facebook is a quick way to screen you before contacting you for an interview. That being said, it is very wise to clean up your digital presence if you are currently on the market for a new job position.

What do I need to do?
Open your Facebook in your web browser as it is easier to maneuver this way. Go to your profile, and click on “Manage Posts”. This function allows you to view and manage all of your posts, whether tagged or shared. You can select up to 50 to delete or hide from your timeline at one time.

What should I consider removing?
While it might be common sense, the first priority is to make sure your profile is professional. Starting with your profile picture! If you’d like to keep memories of ‘back in the day’ albums, simply set them to the right privacy settings to where an outside viewer can’t see. Decipher between what photos are tasteful and what might leave a bad impression.

Test It Out
View your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn from a different profile to see if your privacy settings are working properly! Ideally, you want to have some form of information showing such as your job history and your professional interests, as well as a few nice photos to browse. If you have no digital presence, it could almost work against your favor these days!

Be mindful of what you are posting, always. Considering the internet is a world full of history and information, we would hate to see anyone lose a potential career opportunity for not being careful!