We’ve been seeing the enneagram test circle around and wanted to look further into it from a staffing perspective! The enneagram test asks you a multitude of questions that further define you into a personality type that has shown to be surprisingly accurate. In any office, industry, or business- there are plenty of personalities to go around. So, which enneagram type are you and where are you most likely to succeed based on it?

Type 1: The Reformer pays attention to detail, they are very organized and efficient! They prefer performance-based results. Ideal Jobs: accountant, attorney, dentist, banker, law enforcement, manager

Type 2: The Helper is empathetic, engaging, and hardworking. They like to be hands-on and see relational results. Anything to make other people happy! Ideal Jobs: teacher, counselor, bartender, motivational speaker, assistant

Type 3: The Achiever is competitive and goal-oriented. They desire efficiency and advancement opportunities. They like to work towards something to feel rewarded. Ideal Jobs: agent, producer, leadership in business or politics, sales

Type 4: The Individualist is artistic and expressive. The draw inspiration from creativity and intuition. They thrive in engaging environments. Ideal Jobs: designer, artist, hairstylist, journalist, chef, psychologist, music

Type 5: The Investigator is analytical and purposeful. They want to know everything about everything and the reason behind it. They feel most comfortable when working independently with data and love to learn. Ideal Jobs: scientist, researcher, engineer, operations, professor, data analyst

Type 6: The Loyalist is a reliable team player. When they are given responsibility, they are committed for the long run. They are passionate and value looking after others. Ideal Jobs: caretaker, teacher, veterinarian, executive assistant, military

Type 7: The Enthusiast is excited and imaginative. They are a fun-loving, positive addition to your team. They don’t dwell in the conflicts but instead make confident quick decisions. Ideal Jobs: flight attendant, nurse, photographer, travel writer, life coach, fitness instructor

Type 8: The Challenger is direct and authoritative. They are quick to take initiative and like having the freedom to dictate. Confident and energetic, they do well on top. Ideal Jobs: director, financial advisor, real estate agent, executive, entrepreneur, doctor

Type 9: The Peacemaker is optimistic and easygoing. They are good listeners and empathetic to all people. They have an inner peace that allows them to shed light on incoming problems or conflict. Ideal Jobs: youth group leader, editor, human resources, therapist, teacher