When you’re in a position where you are responsible for delegating work, training employees, keeping track of production, monitoring results, and fulfilling your job title’s duties… you’ve got a lot on your plate! However, along the way in your career, you were deemed capable of performing in this position. Therefore, you CAN do it, and we have a few tips to help you do it WELL!

-Monitor Their Workload
In some companies, your team members will have their specific responsibilities or they will share responsibilities in groups. In either scenario, be sure to check in on the workload and really consider the amount of time it takes to complete their tasks in a day. If your employees know that they are being checked in on, this will help instill confidence in them that they are valued and noticed!

-Be Honest & Transparent
There are ways to be approachable and honest as a manager, without crossing the line. To professionally approach sharing news in the company or as a team, you can schedule monthly team meetings to keep everyone up to date and feeling “in the know”. This helps your employees to feel comfortable engaging with you as their leader.

-Share Your Appreciation
Verbal acknowledgments of your team’s work can go a very long way! Imagine coming into work every day and giving it all you’ve got until one day your boss comes up to you and tells you they’ve noticed how hard you’ve been working and would like to buy you lunch. What a great feeling! Showing your appreciation helps your employees feel like they are working towards a goal, instilling motivation and discipline.

And lastly…

-Celebrate Accomplishments!
While some people like to leave work at work, it’s nice to encourage outside of work happy hours and celebrations for the end of a quarter or completion of a project! We all have lives outside of work, but sometimes it’s hard to see that when you’re only seeing each other at the office. Offer to let your employees pick a place, and promise to be there!