Have you ever accepted a position because it was right for you at the time, but later thought about what it’d be like in a different position or industry? It’s important for us to go through these experiences as we learn our strengths and talents! Some of us are born knowing our career choice, while others have to test the waters before knowing what really drives them. Here are a few ways to consider which career path is right for you.

Seek Peer Advice
Our daily routine becomes second nature after so long. It’s easier for people to see and recognize where your strong points are than when you try to self reflect. Ask around to your co-workers, family members, and friends about where they see you thriving every day! The tasks you find easiest might be the tasks they are most grateful to have you complete.

Career Assessment
Do you remember in high school when you were handed a career assessment and couldn’t wait to determine your future in a short 20 questions?! Well, they still have career assessments available online, and if you do your research, some of them can be extremely helpful. They ask the right questions and are able to match your personality type to how you would do in specific job roles or atmospheres.

Make A List
Practice some self-reflecting! Make a list of all the duties you have enjoyed in your present and past job roles, as well as a list of the duties you didn’t feel confident in. There are personality tests that can also help point out your strengths and how you react to situations. This reflection can help you envision the kind of future self you strive to be and point you towards the career that will get you there!

If you’re unemployed or considering a career change, don’t forget the benefit of networking! There are countless success stories of people finding their dream job through a friend of a friend who has an opportunity available that you fit perfectly for!