Is your company experiencing a high turnover rate? It can be discouraging to keep spending time on interviews, training, hiring paperwork, just for them to quit a few months down the road. This not only causes a headache for the managers, but odds are they weren’t dedicated to their position, giving some uncertainty about how things were left.  

A solidified team can make a world of a difference in your company. From day to day consistency, to increasing numbers and profits. When you trust that each team member is performing their responsibilities well, you are able to turn your focus from micro-managing to fully managing your department while understanding the performance is at its best. 

Creative, business-driven juices begin to flow when you are able to focus on your position without worrying about outside conflicts. When you experience this, you realize that having a great team has benefits that go full circle. For example, your team is doing their job well so you have time to focus on your job, you come up with a new idea to test out, the idea radiates success, profiting more money for the company, and putting bonuses in everyone’s pockets! 

No matter how hard you try to get to know a candidate before you hire them, interviews are only a short amount of time! What if you used a temporary-to-hire service, allowing you to ‘test the waters’ before hiring the employee full time? Not only will this give you some peace-of-mind, it really tests the employee as well. 

Temporary-to-hire services do all of the screening for you and assist in the interview process. With NTG Staffing, our recruiters will visit your office to get a feel for the environment before selecting a couple of well-qualified candidates to fit the part. You can go from taking chances and risks on people, to being introduced to the future of your solidified team! 

Typically after three to six months, you can make the decision to choose to hire the employee onto your team full time, or you can decide to go another direction. Allowing the staffing company to present you with suitable candidates until you are satisfied! We bet it doesn’t take long, though. Our recruiters know their people! 

Reach out to us if you’re interested in hiring a staffing agency to help flip that high turnover rate and get you the best team possible.