At NTG Staffing, we do our best to place candidates into positions that will benefit the company and the person. It takes training, relationships, and paying attention to detail for our recruiters to make great placements for our clients. At the end of the day, what motivates and inspires us to do our job well is knowing that every job we place is helping put food on the table for another family.

When you look at it from a birds-eye view, it is amazing to see the way the world works today. We have each been taught or trained in skills that we specifically found interest in. While your day-to-day career might look like driving a big truck down a long dirt road making heavy safety precautions on an oil rig, your neighbor’s day-to-day could look like a briefcase full of proposals to hopefully make another sell. In all scenarios, we are all doing our jobs to help put food on our table!

This vision is inspiring to us because our skill sets revolve around the actual job placement and connection. We get to see and hear the nerves and excitement before and after you are hired, which just makes our day. Our relationships don’t end there, we get to keep up with you as you progress and learn!

What inspires you in your position? In some way, every company does something to help people, what does that look like for you? Being motivated and feeling good about your work is what keeps you coming back!

Contact us if you are looking to fill positions at your company or are an employee looking for a change!