Are you looking for a new position? It can be nerve-wracking to make that move without knowing what questions to ask your new employer to be sure you cover all of the bases. Here are a few answers you’ll want to have clear before you make any decisions.

What are the benefits? Dive into the details about what is covered through the offered insurance or health care coverage.

What are the growth opportunities? Will your new position offer you something to learn more about and work towards? Contemplate how that affects your motivation!

Are there incentives? You won’t know until you ask! Sometimes companies hand out surprise bonuses and incentives to reward their employees for great work and great results.

How many vacation and sick days are available? It’s important for you to feel comfortable that your company understands when life happens. Working with a company that does not value your overall health isn’t worth your time!

401k? What does the company offer? Whether you’re at the beginning or end of your career timeline, working towards a retirement plan should be a top priority. Figure out if the company will match your 401k plan!