Building and maintaining the culture in your business takes thought and consideration. It helps to sit down with a few team members to collaborate and discuss ideas on how to implement your team culture throughout the year. Here are a few fun ideas to brainstorm this year!

Quarterly Potlucks
If you’re in an office environment, this is a great way to get everyone together once every couple of months to enjoy our favorite pass time- food! Pick four holidays to schedule your potlucks around, this makes it easy to go with a theme such as Tex-Mex for Cinco de Mayo, BBQ around July 4th, and of course Thanksgiving!

“You’ve been penned!”
Remember the tradition around Halloween where you get “boo’ed” with a surprise gift bag? You can recreate this around the office by surprise gifting a new pack of pens with a note to keep it going! This is a small and fun way to add some excitement to each day seeing who gets “penned” next.

Lunch and Learn
Another monthly or quarterly way to bring everyone together is to plan a lunch and learn. Bring in a catered lunch and choose a topic to teach on! Whether it be informing your team about updates in the company or training on a subject that is commonly questioned.

People love to eat, to give, and to receive! These are just some simple ways to implement that into your company culture and add some excitement to the daily grind.