Does your job require any travel for work? Whether it be occasional for annual training or frequently monthly meetings, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re working on the road (or in the air!).

1. Packing. On a trip for pleasure, you have a lot of freedom in what you need and want to pack! But on a trip for work, you want to be sure you have appropriate clothing and items necessary for every occasion. If you’re taking something new, try your outfits on before you pack them. You don’t want to sacrifice comfort for professional style or vice versa!

2. Weather. Keep an eye on the forecast during the week leading up to your trip and check again the night prior to leaving. Of course, we can’t change the weather, but you will feel more at ease if you were expecting to be driving through heavy rain or stepping off the plane in 30 degrees than being caught off guard by it.

3. Sanitize! The last thing you want is to feel under the weather when you’re waking up to begin your work out of town. Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently when you are traveling through an airport or having frequent road trip stops. Do not bring those germs home with you!

While we know that traveling for work doesn’t have the same freedom as traveling for pleasure does, you can still absolutely find joy in it. Take advantage of having time to yourself to be in your thoughts. Choose a new podcast or novel to dive into. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and enjoy your company!