Nurses, doctors, and veterinarians are busy saving lives, that’s why they need to have it easy with scrubs for uniforms. If you’re tired of cycling the same several outfits every week, let’s help inspire some ideas! Here are a few suggestions for staple closet items that are both comfortable and professional.

1. Blazer. Everyone needs a really great blazer! Choose a color that will easily go with the majority of your clothing, such as black, gray, beige, or navy. Keep this hung up in your office or car to slip on before meetings to give your outfit an immediate professional level up!

2. Sweater. For men, it’s a little more challenging to dress for the warm weather without breaking out the suit jacket. Look around for a sweater jacket, it is thick enough to keep you warm and usually has a nice collar. For women, sweaters are also a great way to avoid heavy jackets, especially when paired with a warm scarf!

3. Jeans. If your dress code policy allows jeans on any day of the week or maybe just Friday, having at least one perfect pair is going to make your day that much better! Spend the extra dollar to purchase quality material at the right size. A nice pair of jeans is absolutely worth making time to find!

4. Accessorize. For men and women! Adding a few jewelry pieces to your outfit can really make you feel put together. Watches can be so fun to shop for when you’re trying to find your perfect match. Ladies, try to avoid loud dangling bracelets if you type at a computer- you’ll be taking them off within minutes!

Having these staple items in your closet will allow you to dress things up when you need to! And if you’re in the right pair of jeans, it is always a good day.