When things get overwhelming at work, it’s all too easy to carry that stress through the front door when you get home. While there will be times where you have to catch up on work while you’re home, there are ways to approach it and methods to follow to keep your mind right among the chaos.

The best way to keep your work-life balance is to hone in on your work mindset. Be as present as you can be when you are at work. Technically, you are paid to be present and actively working for the total number of hours you are expected to be there a day. We know that life happens, we all get tired and unmotivated. Do what you can to really tweak your work mindset.

Focusing on work takes practice and trial and error. Some environments work better for others. One person may enjoy a closed-door and silence with zero distractions. Another person may enjoy headphones with music and sitting around co-workers for the comfort of accountability. Figure out what environment works for you!

Our phone is another battle. While one person might need their cell phone available for answering texts, calls, and emails. Another person might only have their office phone for work. Either way, use your phone for work while you are at work. You can silence certain text groups and voice to your communication circle to avoid friendly conversation during work hours.

Once you find your rhythm, you’re going to see the progress and reap the benefits. You will create faster ways to sift through your workload and complete tasks based on priority. Ultimately, the goal is that when you walk through your front door, you aren’t thinking about work anymore and can enjoy your home with your family!