Our agency staffs in several industries, including the oil and gas industry. Working in the oil field isn’t necessarily the easiest job. It’s messy, it can be heavy on the manual labor, and it’s also considered a risky field to be in. When you are working directly on an oil rig, your company is going to make sure you are well equipped and trained in every safety precaution- but your training only goes so far and then there is common sense. Here are some safety tips to rule out the risk where you can!

Triple check that you are wearing the correct equipment and protection. Physically touch your goggles, head protection, belt, boots, etc. to make sure they are on you before you begin your shift. Working in the oil field is exhausting, you don’t want to make a simple mistake because you didn’t check twice! 

Pay attention to your surroundings. Have you ever watched a major league baseball game and seen the pitcher throw a 90+ mph ball, only to have it struck right back towards his face? And he catches it! Now THAT is the kind of paying attention we suggest. 

Be aware from the time you walk out of your living quarters to the oil rig. A lot of accidents are reported in the surrounding areas considering not every space is lit up, and not every person is paying attention. 

Use reliable lighting, speaking of lighting. Especially when working on an off-shore rig, as soon as the sun goes down it is very dark. Be sure to check your lighting on signage, hazard areas, etc. in the case of a storm situation.

Memorize your emergency response plan so that even when you are caught off guard, you are prepared to make the moves and directions required to get you to safety quickly. Your loved ones with thank you a million times over for this!

While the oil and gas industry is a great place to learn, experience, and grow- it is also a place that requires the knowledge of safety drilled into your brain, for your own good! Take it seriously!