Proving Yourself In Your New Position

So, you got the job! You researched the company, prepared for the interview, explained how your talents and accomplishments make you well fit for the position, and now you’re hired! It’s time to show them what you’re made of. Consider every day as a chance to prove yourself and the qualities you spoke of. While it might be nerve-wracking to be bold, there are some general characteristics that you can adopt while adapting to your work environment. Here are a few tips.

Start With A Goal. Now that you’ve accomplished the main goal, accepting the position, your slate is clean and you are ready to strive for the next! Your manager will appreciate seeing you take initiative and discussing goals with him or her. Make it a point to have this conversation at the beginning, set a checkpoint, and now you’ve set an expectation to work towards!

Time Management. In order to reach your goal(s), make sure to evaluate the time you have to get things done. A helpful tool is to track the time you spend on each task every day, then get an average time at the end of the week so that you can be mindful of how to arrange your schedule of tasks. If you want to go above and beyond, share this data with your manager so that they can see the time you’re spending and if they have any suggestions.

Ask Questions! This is especially important as you begin your new job. Even if you forget the answers and don’t exactly understand it all right away, your manager and co-workers are going to have patience with you as you grow and learn because they can see your efforts. If you stay quiet and ask a question for the first time about something you’ve been expected to understand months down the road, that’s not going to look so good.

Participate In Conversation. Whether this is at meetings or general work talk, your voice is valued and a part of the team. Your manager hired you for a reason, they appreciate any and all perspectives! It is important to speak up especially if you are experienced in the topic and have seen things from another side that could be beneficial knowledge.

Use Your Brain. You’re going to stumble across problems that you don’t know the answers to, especially through your training and as you’re getting the hang of things. While some questions obviously require answers, make sure you are using every resource in your power before you run to your boss or neighbor to answer it for you. They expect you to use your brain and problem solve!

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