As the years go by, January always brings an opportunity to make resolutions for yourself for the next twelve months. Studies show that less than 10% (and maybe less than that) of people who make resolutions actually stick to them. Have you ever considered making resolutions? With that alarming statistic, you might be afraid of setting yourself up for failure! Here are two resolutions you can make for your day-to-day activity in the workplace- and how to be a man or woman of your word by sticking to them!

1. Bring a Positive Attitude. Studies show that when you are specifically thankful for the people, items, and privileges around you- you are guaranteed to be in a more positive mood. If your boss gave you $5 for every time you pointed out something your thankful for at work, you’d be cashing out left and right! “I am thankful for this office, I am thankful for this working machine, I am thankful for my car that can bring me to work, I am thankful for a job that puts food on the table!” The list can go on and on. Practice this to keep your positive attitude throughout the year! Even when conflicts arise… “I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.”

2. Look at the Bigger Picture. When conflicts arise at work, don’t get stuck in the weeds by pinpointing where the blame falls and why it happened any which way. Look at it from the bigger picture, how can you help to prevent this happening again? Is it an operational error? Is it an organizational error? What kind of practice can you implement in the future to learn from this conflict? When you look at from “2,000 feet above”, you are able to view your workplace as a true company, made up by a team who is doing their best and naturally running into issues- just as they all do!

When you stick to having a positive attitude and looking at the bigger picture, you are preparing yourself for a clear brain space to work out the kinks of the day to day grind. There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day at work, we all know what that is like, but maybe this year you will have a different perspective. Instead of feeling hopeless, you will shrug your shoulders and keep pressing on!